Benefits of Green detox juice! Good Morning!

It is important to make your green juices choosing organic and local market ingredients. With the consumption of these juices, your body will absorb good doses of vitamins A , C, B complex vitamins present in spinach, as well as folic acid and potassium. The main advantages of adding green juice to your diet are: Helps lose weight by eliminating toxins and body fats; due to the consumption of fruits and vegetables present in the juice. Curbs your appetite after drinking it; We feed our body with nutrients, minerals and powerful vitamins, so we feel less hungry. Creates the good habit of consuming vegetables; filled with fiber and nutrients. Helps to treat acid digestion; When you have heartburn, take a green juice and you’ll see how it helps. It is important to avoid lemon or lime juice in it if you are with heartburn. A banana juice with almond milk works well. Increased energy and high productivity during the day. Fruits are a great source of energy especially if consumed on an empty stomach or between meals, because it metabolizes quickly releasing its sugar and vitamins are better absorbed by the blood. Green Juices are antioxidants! Consume green juices and protect yourself from potential viral agents. As the philosopher Hippocrates said; “Let your food be your medicine”.